Proof of concept What does it encompass* What is excluded*
Formulation optimization (QBD steps and mini  Scale up – leading to  validation of  prototype formulae and its process )
  • Challenging the unit formulae qualitative and quantitative to establish the robustness of formulae.
  • Challenge of processing conditions to arrive at the most optimum process condition.
  • Generation of QBD section of dossier.
  • Mini scale up batches which may vary from one kg to about 50kg depending upon formula and process.
  • Multimedia dissolution data on most  promising prototype and near final process for bio outcome confidence
  • GMP batches
  • Full scale submission batches
  • Full scale  documentation for manufacturing of the batches
Bio batches (GMP batch for pilot PK study- to establish PoC )
  • Execution of final prototype with documentation in GMP facility.
  • Packaging in proposed final packs and monitoring stability in accelerated and real time as per regulatory protocol
  • No bio study dosing.
  • Dossier preparation for submission
pK study
  • Finalization of Pk study protocol.
  • Identification and signing up with CRO.
  • Dosing as per protocol.
  • Review of Bio analytical process and data
  • No Pivotal study for submission unless previously planned.
pK study result evaluation
  • Data analysis of Pk study outcome.
  • Establishing cause -effect relationship between a formulation variable and pharmacokinetic parameter.
  • Look for IVIVC correlations. Evolve suggestions for next prototype iteration and/or changes to pivotal batches to assure positive outcome in the next pK study.
  • Investigative testing of prototypes
  • Execution of pivotal batch and pivotal bio study
We enhance quality of life through transformative innovation in pharmaceutical and biomedical products

To become a global leader in differentiated drug product development

Our current focus is to

  1. Become a preferred partner for innovative Pharmaceutical research leading to technology and product development for unmet needs of patients world over, in a cost effective manner.
  2. Participate in the problem solving effort where access, availability, complexity and resources are barriers,
  3. Participate with partners in ideation and execution of novel business proposals.
  4. Co-evolve and implement on time to market strategies.

Customer centricity

  • In everything we do, the end user, the patient is the emphasis. To improve patient’s quality of life is the supreme motivation for everyone involved in the company.
  • We constantly look for problems that the patient faces and solve them through new technology, service, products or improvements in existing products.


  • Innovation is the hallmark of Transform SciTech. We apply the current trends in science and technology in our offering. We persevere with a grit of adventure to bring the new possibilities to reality.
  • We develop people to contribute with their creativity and expertise in this endeavor. We foster exploration through experimentation as a platform for career advancement.


  • Each member from our team and our partners is duly respected for their opinion and insights. We emphasize openness, irrespective of hierarchy and type of association for free expression of thoughts.
  • We celebrate success together while value failure as a most important step to learn from.

Ethics and integrity

  • We do the right things the right way thereby ensuring the trust of everyone. We will comply fully to the laws of the land we operate in.
  • We understand our responsibility towards the immediate community and environment of our location and will contribute to its upkeep and improvement.
  • In everything we do, we prioritize safety of employees and stakeholders and ensure highest quality of the product or services we offer.

We pride ourselves in our history wherein we have solved complex problems and set up processes for predictable breakthrough outcomes.  In this entrepreneurial effort, we  open up  ourselves to  the world   of thinkers, researchers, innovators and  fellow entrepreneurs to team up to solve bigger challenges that are  outstanding in Pharmaceutical and Biomedical  arena.  These problems when solved have an implication that is transformative in its impact. Hence, the choice of word transform.  Transform implies major change in form, nature or function as a step of advancement.  The changing color shades in the word Transform represents the continuous change in any field. The blue as a color in different shades represents responsibility, honesty, trust, sincerity, peace, tranquility and intelligence.

We operate in the realm of Science and Technology, and hence the title SciTech.  The red color of SciTech represents boldness backed by reason, logic, experimentation, exploration and interdisciplinary collaboration.  The different blue shades represents inspiration, and the inevitable change characteristic of Mother Nature.

Our symbol, is a combination of two letters “T” and “I” representing the words Transform and Innovation. The increasing intensity of shades of the letter “I” represents an unending possibility of improvements inherent in this process of innovation.

Dr. Badri Viswanathan N., M. Pharm., Ph. D (Pharmaceutics)
Co-founder, CEO
Three decades of research exposure including twenty years of industry experience. Research areas include Dosage form design (all routes of administration and types of formulations), Biodegradable implantable materials, Macromolecular drug delivery, Systematic Innovation Process, Particle Engineering, Pharmaceutical aspects of Digital Health care ecosystem, Microencapsulation techniques, ANDA and NDA product development for regulated markets, .